More Chinese Teen Selfies

Traveling in Asia, one can’t help noticing girls constantly taking pictures of themselves with their cellphones. This is particularly true in East Asia. Girls in Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan are obsessed with looking pretty and competing with each other for attention from the boys.

A topless Chinese girl in tiny white panties.

A hot Chinese girl in tiny white panties takes a picture of herself in the mirror

As the competition heats up, the girls start showing more cleavage, thigh and crotch, and ultimately, after the shorts can’t get any shorter, and tops can’t get skimpier, the clothes start to come off.

Nude Taiwanese teen girl

A young teen Taiwanese girl shows her naked body in the mirror

So here are a few more pretty young Chinese girls taking pictures of their beautiful bodies for your viewing pleasure.

Naked Chinese girl touching herself selfie

A young Chinese woman touches her pussy while taking a picture of herself with her cellphone.