Virtual Sex: rise of the love dolls

An example of an American manufactured love doll

An American love doll

Necessity may have been the mother of invention, but what drives the motivation of post-modern society is desire.

The industrial revolution created the demand for machines, and eventually robots: machines with a modicum of intelligence.

Having been freed of the tedious tasks of industrial production, what do bored humans do now?

We should now concentrate on what we enjoy doing the most – fucking.

Companies in America, Japan, and Europe have been seriously working on perfecting the art of the love doll in recent years, and it’s an idea worth investing in. After all, wouldn’t you be tempted to stick your dick in one of these?

A love doll's pussy and anus on display

A close up view of the essential elements of today’s most technologically advanced sex doll.

A Real Doll with spread legs

An American manufactured sex doll ready for any physical activity at your convenient time

An elven princess you can buy and fuck

An elf-like Japanes sex doll.

A convenient, storable girlfriend

Imagine a girl you can have your way with, then store in the closet until next time you need her services: the future is here

Any Old Whore

A mature Asian hooker smoking a cigarette

It all seems very glamorous to have a website full of hot teenies and sexy young women, but the sex industry is not all about youth and glamour. If you are young and have a hot body, you can make money doing all kinds of stuff: modelling lingerie, swimsuits, or conventional clothing; standing around a trade show booth in hot pants and handing out flyers; wearing a bikini and handing out parking tickets; selling insurance and bonds; and if you want to get to the top of any field you want, you can flirt with the boss and fuck your

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Taiwanese Teen Self Shots

A Taiwanese teen takes a picture of herself nude with perky breasts

Here’s another couple of Taiwanese teens who were stupid enough to email their self-taken nude pictures to their boyfriends. A pretty Taiwanese teen girl shows off her nubile tits Who knows what the motivation is for taking pictures of themselves naked and sending them to someone in this era of instant copy viral media? I guess that’s part of the attractiveness of teens. They are beautiful and at the peak of their sexual attractiveness, but naive. The boys are the same: ‘Young, dumb and full of cum.’ All hormones and no brains. A cute Taiwanese teen takes a nude picture

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Trade Show Cameltoe

Sexy Asian cameltoe used to sell computer components at a trade show

Stinky, hairy feminists are quite rare in Asia, so employers are free to make their female employees wear skimpy outfits. When the annual trade shows come around, each company competes to present the sexiest girls in the smallest, tiniest, thinnest hot pants and tops. How do you make a motherboard or other piece of geekwear sexy? Put it in the hands of one of these scantily-clad hotties. Hot trade show girls show off their bodies in tight hot pants In the US and Europe, the use of booth-babes has been heavily criticized. Ugly, middle-aged lesbians protest whenever hot young girls

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Sexy Girls Wearing Glasses: (Revenge of the Nerds II)

A pretty Asian girl wearing panties and a bra

A sexy Singaporean Malay girl decides to throw off the shackles of her puritanical society and take off her bra to boot. Pussy Push interviews the girl and asks some pertinent questions while staring at her perky tits.

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Sexy Filapina Computer Girl

sexy Filapina uses a computer while nude

One of the wonderful things about the spread of technology into the emerging economies, is the proliferation of girls who have access to the digital tools that enable them to take pictures of themselves naked and upload them to the Internet.

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Adopt a Clitoris

Save my Clitoris

Today I stumbled upon a bizarre picture of an Asian girl dressed as a vagina and I had one of of those WTF moments where a mouthful of beer went up my nose and squirted all over my keyboard.

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Steamy Singapore Sex Scandal

The girl alleged to be at the center of the Singapore underage prostitute scandal

Sultry tropical Singapore, the prudish city state known for its puritanical codes of morality and business focus is once again rocked by a titillating sex scandal. Forty-eight of Singapore’s business, government and social elite have been charged with using the services of an underage call girl. The girl’s name is being concealed by a court order because at the time of the alleged offenses, she was 17 years old.

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Phad Thai Pussy

A Thai girl with perky little tits takes a shower

I haven’t had Thai for quite a while and felt like whipping up some phad Thai for dinner. That got me thinking about Thai girls, and when I got a whiff of the fish sauce before I added it (I always sniff the bottle when I open it), I got thinking about Thai pussy. So this morning I got up early and started scouring an image uploading site for amateur Thai girls and it took me about 2 hours to come up with a handful of pictures.

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Asian American Nightclub Upskirt Girls

A hot Asian American girl in a San Francisco nightclub

Asian and American nightclubs are full of sexy Asian American girls in micro-minis and ultra-short LBDs and such and therefore are a fertile field for the up-skirt voyeur. Not that I would personally go around taking pictures of stuff like that, but there’s plenty out there on the inter-webs and these are some of my favorites.

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