Petite South-east Asian Prostitute

A petite Asian prostitute starts to undress. She works in one of those high class Asian brothels with a bed the size of a workout bench. Ok, we are not here to sleep, we want to workout with a hot little bitch.

A petite Asian prostitute starts to undress

She lays back on the bed/bench. Can’t be bothered with fancy stuff like satin sheets and a comfortable mattress, all you get is a fucking tatami mat.

A petite asian hooker lays back naked on the bed

She bends over and lets the john take a picture of her gorgeous, lubricated ass and pussy.

Petite Asian prostitute shows her ass and pussy

He gently spreads her pussy lips and takes a picture of her cunt and anus.

A john spreads the pussy lips of a petite asian hooker and takes a picture of cunt and anus

Flipping onto her back, he spreads it again to take a picture of the interior. Moist and pink.

A close-up of a petite south-east Asian pussy

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