Aspiring Amateur Underwear Model in See Through Panties

Scouring the Asian social networking sites, I’m constantly rewarded by pretty young girls who want nothing more than to show off their bodies in Lingerie, bikinis, tiny panties or just plain butt-naked. Taiwanese girls in particular, are brought up to be perfect little princesses. Pretty little girls who dress sexy and talk in childish cutesy talk get more presents from daddy.

A sweet young Asian girl wearing transparent panties

In Taiwan, this is referred to as ‘Princess disease’, perhaps a better translation would be ‘Princess Syndrome.’ It’s kind of ridiculous to see these 20 to 40 year old women, constantly striking over the top feminine poses as they shop for shoes, speaking in a high pitch little girl voice and carrying pink handbags often with a toy poodle poking its head out. But when they are wearing tiny little denim shorts and have a perfect ass, one tends to drool at the same time as one shakes one’s head.

Petite young Asian girls in panties self-shot self-pic

So this is a nice set of pics I found on a popular social networking site where a girl takes sometimes close-up pictures of her pussy in see through panties. She is one of the many aspiring underwear models. They are all pretty girls but there are so many of them and we only need a few professional underwear models. Most of these girls will probably end up being office clerks or sales assistants, but at least the power of the Internet allows us to enjoy them free nude or semi-naked.

Small petite Asian woman in black panties self pic

A lot of guys have set themselves up as photographers. They put ads in newspapers and girls come by the dozen to have pictures of themselves in lingerie and bikinis. They even pay the perverts to take pictures of them. Pretty dumb, huh? But this girl is smart. She takes her own pictures and saves money.

close up of petite Asian vagina in see through panties

What a sweet little pussy. Not too hairy, but unshaved, silky smooth Asian pubic hair and sweet lips. She pinches her panties and stretches them down to give you a better view.

Asian pussy see through knickers

Petite Asian pussy in see through panties

Skinny Asian girl legs see thru panties

Petite Asian underwear model in red panties small bum

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