More Chinese Teen Selfies

A topless Chinese girl in tiny white panties.

Traveling in Asia, one can’t help noticing girls constantly taking pictures of themselves with their cellphones. This is particularly true in East Asia. Girls in Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan are obsessed with looking pretty and competing with each other for attention from the boys. A hot Chinese girl in tiny white panties takes a picture of herself in the mirror As the competition heats up, the girls start showing more cleavage, thigh and crotch, and ultimately, after the shorts can’t get any shorter, and tops can’t get skimpier, the clothes start to come off. A young teen Taiwanese girl

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Chinese Teen Selfies

A pretty Chinese teen wearing panties takes a picture of herself in the mirror

Chinese girls love taking selfies and there a litterally hundreds of millions of them. I’ve been busy sorting through them all to find the nude ones. A pretty Chinese teen nude selfie According to expert Dr. Phil: “A recent study reports that women who post tons of pics of themselves on social networking sites base their self-worth on appearance.” So I looked up the original study, which stated that and added that women use social networking to compete for attention A beautiful Asian teen Takes a picture of herself in the mirror The author of the report stated: “The results

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Taiwanese Teen Self Shots

A Taiwanese teen takes a picture of herself nude with perky breasts

Here’s another couple of Taiwanese teens who were stupid enough to email their self-taken nude pictures to their boyfriends. A pretty Taiwanese teen girl shows off her nubile tits Who knows what the motivation is for taking pictures of themselves naked and sending them to someone in this era of instant copy viral media? I guess that’s part of the attractiveness of teens. They are beautiful and at the peak of their sexual attractiveness, but naive. The boys are the same: ‘Young, dumb and full of cum.’ All hormones and no brains. A cute Taiwanese teen takes a nude picture

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Nude Indonesian Teen Takes Pictures of Herself

A pretty Indonesian teenage girl takes a picture of herself in the mirror

What was this girl thinking when she took pictures of herself naked? Were the pictures for her eyes only or for a special other? Did she want them to go viral on the Internet? Her motivations are a mystery but no doubt hundreds, if not thousands, of men must have fapped to this by now.

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Thrilling Frilly Lingerie

Close-up picture of a singaporean girls pussy and fishnet stockings

I came across (pun intended) this lingerie girl on a Singaporean social networking site. I don’t know how she can get away with posting images like this in Singapore, which is probably one of the most sexually repressed countries in Asia, but who cares, right?

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Hong Kong Teen Self-Shot Nude

A cute Hong Kong girl takes nude pictures of herself

I guess my edge as a porn-blogger is the fact that I can use Chinese and Japanese in my research, to bring you, dear reader, the best from the Asian social networking sites. I can then present the information in impeccably filthy English so you in turn can succeed in your research. Well, if you are searching for a sweet young Hong Kong girl naive enough to upload nude and semi nude pictures, you might be interested in this one:

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Aspiring Amateur Underwear Model in See Through Panties

Skinny Asian girl legs see thru panties

Scouring the Asian social networking sites, I’m constantly rewarded by pretty young girls who want nothing more than to show off their bodies in Lingerie, bikinis, tiny panties or just plain butt-naked. Taiwanese girls in particular, are brought up to be perfect little princesses. Pretty little girls who dress sexy and talk in childish cutesy talk get more presents from daddy.

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Revenge of the Nerds: the Nude Files

Pretty topless girl wearing glasses petite breasts

Chinese girls study a lot and for some reason about 90% of them wear glasses. There’s something sexy about a pretty girl wearing those nerdy black-rimmed glasses. Personally, I prefer these studious, intelligent looking ones to the dumb bimbos that feature on most adult websites. This girl is natural. She doesn’t need make-up, fake tits or a surgically chiseled nose to look beautiful.

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Asian Teen in White See-through Panties

Beautiful young Taiwanese girls self shot in white see-through panties

Another beautiful Taiwanese girl who likes to take pictures of her sexy body. Her name is Candy and she’s sweet.

Taiwanese Teen Nude Self Shots

Beautiful 18 year old Asian teen in pink panties and bra spreads her legs showing her gorgeous pussy

Like all good webmasters, I go to great lengths to make sure my models are not underaged. I might check their profile information before I hack their locked photo albums on popular social networking sites, or send an email after I steal their pictures and just ask outright. But sometimes people lie about their age, so I always double check by closely examining their naked bodies to make sure they are fully developed.

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