Sexy Girls Wearing Glasses: (Revenge of the Nerds II)

A pretty Asian girl wearing panties and a bra

A sexy Singaporean Malay girl decides to throw off the shackles of her puritanical society and take off her bra to boot. Pussy Push interviews the girl and asks some pertinent questions while staring at her perky tits.

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Thrilling Frilly Lingerie

Close-up picture of a singaporean girls pussy and fishnet stockings

I came across (pun intended) this lingerie girl on a Singaporean social networking site. I don’t know how she can get away with posting images like this in Singapore, which is probably one of the most sexually repressed countries in Asia, but who cares, right?

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Learn Chinese the Sexy Way


Let’s face it, learning a new language, especially one as esoteric as Mandarin Chinese can be a real chore and a bore. Boring teachers, boring classes and boring books. But one company has come up with a sterling idea that really motivates me to improve my Chinese language skills. It’s called Sexy Mandarin. If you want to pick up a nice Chinese girl, first you need an icebreaker. Here’s Lesson 1: If you really want to excel at picking up Chinese girls or getting a cheap fuck in a Chinese whorehouse, you really should brush up on the local language.

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Lovely Panties

Lovely thin yellow cotton knickers with frilly bits clinging to the shape of what we love most

I haven’t posted for a while, waiting for inspiration for the next theme and suddenly an idea just smacked me in the head. Panties!!! It’s not the first time we’ve featured lovely girls in underwear but this time I’m focusing your attention to the knickers themselves, not on the underwear model.

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Aspiring Amateur Underwear Model in See Through Panties

Skinny Asian girl legs see thru panties

Scouring the Asian social networking sites, I’m constantly rewarded by pretty young girls who want nothing more than to show off their bodies in Lingerie, bikinis, tiny panties or just plain butt-naked. Taiwanese girls in particular, are brought up to be perfect little princesses. Pretty little girls who dress sexy and talk in childish cutesy talk get more presents from daddy.

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Asian Teen in White See-through Panties

Beautiful young Taiwanese girls self shot in white see-through panties

Another beautiful Taiwanese girl who likes to take pictures of her sexy body. Her name is Candy and she’s sweet.

Pink Panties, Hot Body


This girl is so hot I nearly choked on my beer. I like to scour Asian social networking sites for stuff like this. She can dig those long painted fingernails into my back anyday. And an ass to die for. Asian Girls are so sweet. This one’s Taiwanese. Taiwan has the hottest girls on the planet. Whatcha thinkin? Leave a comment.

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