Adopt a Clitoris

Save my Clitoris

Today I stumbled upon a bizarre picture of an Asian girl dressed as a vagina and I had one of of those WTF moments where a mouthful of beer went up my nose and squirted all over my keyboard.

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Steamy Singapore Sex Scandal

The girl alleged to be at the center of the Singapore underage prostitute scandal

Sultry tropical Singapore, the prudish city state known for its puritanical codes of morality and business focus is once again rocked by a titillating sex scandal. Forty-eight of Singapore’s business, government and social elite have been charged with using the services of an underage call girl. The girl’s name is being concealed by a court order because at the time of the alleged offenses, she was 17 years old.

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Gang Banged on a Train

Xiao Yu is a girl who posted pictures of herself on the Internet but lied about her age.

Last month, Taiwan’s media went into a frenzy after it was discovered that a group of men had gang-banged a young girl on a train. The organizer hired a private carriage and used an internet forum to get the customers together. They paid around US$30 each. The organizer hired a girl who claimed to be 19 years old. They got on the train in Taipei, locked the doors and went hell for leather in a series of what must have been very quick nookies.

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