Upskirt Voyeur

A Taiwanese girl upskirt picture

When I was a kid, sometimes the naughty girls used to chant ‘Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, what are these?!!?’, and when they said the last line, they’d lift their tops or their skirt. I always liked it better when they lifted their skirts. These days, as a mature voyeur (that’s French for ‘dirty old pervert’), I still appreciate the glimpse of a girl’s panties under a short skirt.

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Gang Banged on a Train

Xiao Yu is a girl who posted pictures of herself on the Internet but lied about her age.

Last month, Taiwan’s media went into a frenzy after it was discovered that a group of men had gang-banged a young girl on a train. The organizer hired a private carriage and used an internet forum to get the customers together. They paid around US$30 each. The organizer hired a girl who claimed to be 19 years old. They got on the train in Taipei, locked the doors and went hell for leather in a series of what must have been very quick nookies.

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Aspiring Amateur Underwear Model in See Through Panties

Skinny Asian girl legs see thru panties

Scouring the Asian social networking sites, I’m constantly rewarded by pretty young girls who want nothing more than to show off their bodies in Lingerie, bikinis, tiny panties or just plain butt-naked. Taiwanese girls in particular, are brought up to be perfect little princesses. Pretty little girls who dress sexy and talk in childish cutesy talk get more presents from daddy.

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Asian Teen Wears No Panties

Taiwanese Chinese upskirt mini skirt no panties

OMG! This shocking young Taiwanese girl went outside in a very short dress wearing no panties. Did she forget to put them on or did she do it on purpose? I’m not complaining of course. I fully support a girls rights to go out sans culotte and hope the trend picks up among beautiful young trend-setters everywhere. Pretty, isn’t she?

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Cute Taiwanese Girl Fucked in Hotel

Petite small tits Asian girl in pink panties

She’s young, petite and has a nice little ass. This girls boyfriend took pictures of her nude and sucking his cock in a love hotel. The dirty mongrel then put the pictures up on a social networking site in a locked album but the pictures somehow escaped. At least the bastard didn’t show her face.

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Asian Teen in White See-through Panties

Beautiful young Taiwanese girls self shot in white see-through panties

Another beautiful Taiwanese girl who likes to take pictures of her sexy body. Her name is Candy and she’s sweet.

Taiwanese Teen Nude Self Shots

Beautiful 18 year old Asian teen in pink panties and bra spreads her legs showing her gorgeous pussy

Like all good webmasters, I go to great lengths to make sure my models are not underaged. I might check their profile information before I hack their locked photo albums on popular social networking sites, or send an email after I steal their pictures and just ask outright. But sometimes people lie about their age, so I always double check by closely examining their naked bodies to make sure they are fully developed.

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College Girls Go Wild

Topless Taiwanese teens in panties show off nubile tits

Like college girls everywhere, Taiwan girls tend to go wild when spring comes around. They suddenly get the urge to go to hot spring spas and take off their clothes for the camera. And check out this lot. Not a guy in sight, just girls having fun. They strip naked, take pictures of each other with their cellphones and somehow it gets out on the Internet. Instant fame whether they like it or not. I wonder if some of their future boyfriends, or their fathers, God forbid, might one day come across these pictures on Pussy Push. If they do come across these pictures, they better wipe their computer monitor afterwards.

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An Hourglass Figure

Nude shy Asian girl takes a picture of herself

Cute and shy. I’m sure it’s a self-pic because she cut off the top of her head. Either that or her boyfriend is a very bad photographer. What do you think? Leave a comment.

Pink Panties, Hot Body


This girl is so hot I nearly choked on my beer. I like to scour Asian social networking sites for stuff like this. She can dig those long painted fingernails into my back anyday. And an ass to die for. Asian Girls are so sweet. This one’s Taiwanese. Taiwan has the hottest girls on the planet. Whatcha thinkin? Leave a comment.

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